Records of Musical and Artistic Events: 2006



13/1/06 Concert: Sebastian Pennar (Cello), Alison Dite (Piano)

25/1/06 Taizé Service.

10/3/06 St Edward's Orchestra Soloists Concert.

15/3/06 Taizé Service.

17/3/06 St Edward's Orchestra Concert.

1/4/06 Concert: Sapphire Singers, in aid of Milton Margai School for the Blind, Sierra Leone.

14/4/06 Good Friday: Mozart’s Requiem. St Edward’s Choir & Orchestra.

16/4/06 Easter Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir.

10/5/06 Taizé Service.

19-20/5/06 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (3 performances).

27/6/06 Fred Waite Memorial Concert: St Edward's Choir & Orchestra.

5/7/06 Taizé Service.

20/9/06 Taizé Service.

1/10/06 Service of Harvest Music and Readings. St Edward's Choir.

16th St Edward's Music & Arts Festival

6/10/06 Concert: Haydn's Creation. St Edward's Choir & Orchestra. St Edward's Festival.

12/10/06 Concert: The Simple Gifts. Gary Mullins & Friends. St Edward's Festival.

14/10/06 Concert: Opera Mint: Choruses & Ensembles. St Edward’s Festival.

17/10/06 Concert: Jayne Thomas & Iolo Jones. St Edward’s Festival.

10/11/06 Circle Dance including Taizé Music and other dances.

22/11/06 Taizé Service.

24/11/06 St Edward's Orchestra Soloists Concert.

29/11/06 Concert: St Edward's Orchestra. Mozart's Clarinet Concerto K622 (soloist Howard Braithwate), Mozart's Bassoon Concerto K191 (soloist Edwin Massey) and Mozart's Prague Symphony (No.38 in D Major, K504).

3/12/06 Advent Carol Service. St Edward's Choir.

8/12/06 Pavane Concert: Canterbury Tales.

10/12/06 Choral Evensong with Period Instruments (viols & flutes): Laetententur Coeli (Byrd), Canticles Gibbons), This is the Record of John (Gibbons).

17/12/06 Christmas Carol Service. St Edward’s Choir & Orchestra.