Records of Musical and Artistic Events: 2014



8/1/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Centenaries in 2014”. Chris Ball highlights singers who celebrate centenaries this year, such as Eleanor Steber and Boris Christoff.

15/1/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “British Singers”. David Perkins focuses on performers from our own country, featuring choral operatic and solo items.

22/1/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Children and Music”. Lynne Plummer investigates how children develop musically.

25/1/14. Coffee Concert: “Come and Celebrate St Dwynwen’s Day: Songs of love lost and found” by Nicola Harris (Soprano) & Jayne Thomas (Piano). Music by Mozart, Rossini, Fauré and Novello.

29/1/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society.

5/2/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Edward Elgar”. Geraint Lewis explores the life of a composer who is something of an enigma.

12/2/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Vive La France!”. John Thomas surveys French music from the Baroque to the Romantic era.

19/2/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Music Magazine, Vol.65 No.2”. A miscellany of recorded music and comment on items of special interest presented by editor Brian Gardiner.

22/2/14. Coffee Concert: ‘Fiata’ Wind & String Ensemble, including works by Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, John Rutter, J.S Bach & Delibes.

25/2/14. Haiyan Recital raising money for victims of the Haiyan Storm in the Philippines (through British Red Cross).  Programme includes Solo Trumpet: Trumpet Concerto in D (Telemann), Legende (Enesco), Jazz Trio: It’s here somewhere/I’ve Got Rhythm (Willey/Gershwin), Another Chew/There will never be another you (Willey/Gordon), Brass Quintet: Marriage of Figaro (Mozart), Brass Dectet: Three Brass Cats (Hazel), Symphonic Brass: Music for the Royal Fireworks (Handel).

26/2/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Lebewohl!”. Rainer Lenk, assisted by Rowland Edwards, presents his farewell programme.

5/3/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Herbert von Karajan”. A number of live concerts conducted by Herbert von Karajan have been released on CD. Michael Bell highlights some great performances, including his final concert in Britain.

 8/3/14. Opera Mint & Pavane Concert: “Early Music for Spring (including Purcell, Handel & Haydn).

10/3/14. St Edward’s Orchestra Concert: Mozart’s Exsultate Jubilate (soloist: Anne Davies), Mozart’s Violin Concerto K207 in Bb (Soloist: Carl Darby from BBC NOW) and Haydn’s Symphony 104 "The London".

12/3/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Members’ Choice”.

19/3/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. 70th Anniversary Celebration.

22/3/14. Coffee Concert: Alison Dite (solo piano). Programme includes Schumann’s “Carnaval” Opus 9 and Chopin’s Scherzo No.3, Opus 39.

26/3/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “The Pride and the Passion”. Former WNO member Mike Newman plays music and performances which demonstrate Pride and passion.

2/4/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Chairman’s Evening”. Our chairman, Colin Heath, presents a programme of music which has special significance for him.

4/4/14. St Edward’s Orchestra Soloists Concert.

5/4/14. Pupils of Alison Dite.

11/4/14. Recital by Peter Fielding (clarinet) and Alison Dite (piano). Programme: Brahms E Flat Sonata for Clarinet & piano; pieces by William Hurlstone, Shostakovich and Saint Saens.

18/4/14. Good Friday: Mozart's Requiem (St Edward's Choir & Orchestra).

20/4/14. Service of Readings and Music for Easter.

17/5/14. Coffee Concert: Rachel Watson (Cello) and Rebecca Selley (Piano) perform Debussy’s Cello Sonata, Sallinen’s “Elegy for Sebastian Knight” and Prokofiev’s Sonata in C Major.

10/6/14. St Edward’s Orchestra Soloists Concert.

21/6/14. Coffee Concert: “Comic Songs” by John Sadler (Baritone) & Jayne Thomas (piano).

7/7/14. St Edward’s Orchestra Concert in memory of Rita and Fred Waite.  Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante with Diana Painter (violin) and Phil Heyman (viola); Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks and The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.

11/7/14. Pupils of Jayne Thomas.

12/7/14. Pupils of Esther Walker.

19/7/14. Coffee Concert: Jazz Duo, Julian Martin (Piano) and James Chadwick (Guitar).

17/9/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “The Life and Music of William Walton”. Charles Kinsey explores the life and works of this groundbreaking English composer, best known for his oratorio “Belshazzar’s Feast” and musical entertainment “Façade”.

20/9/14. Coffee Concert: Nicola Harris (Sop) and Jayne Thomas (accomp): Songs and Arias (Handel, Rossini, Puccini, Faure, De Falla).

24/9/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Bel Canto”. Bel Canto translates as “beautiful singing” and is mostly (though not exclusively) associated with nineteenth century Italian opera, notably in the works of Bellini, Donizetti and Rossini. But, as David Perkins reveals, this vocal style also influenced some later non-Italian composers.

1/10/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “From Classical to Romantic”. From the high point of classicism in the 1780s, it took just 60 years for romanticism to become firmly established. Tim Porter takes us through this fascinating period of transition.

5/10/14. Service of Harvest Music & Readings

24th St Edward's Music & Arts Festival

Festival Art Exhibition: Work by Philip Oswald Jennings ARE, ARCA (1921-1983).

7/10/14. Jeff Childs illustrated talk on the History of Roath.

8/10/14. Cardiff County & Vale of Glamorgan Symphonic Brass.

13/10/14. It’ll Be Over By Christmas: Songs, readings and a slice of everyday life from the early days of World War I. St Edward’s Choir.

15/10/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Music Magazine, Vol.66 No.1”, a miscellany of recorded music and comment on items of topical or special interest presented by editor Brian Gardiner.

16-22/10/14. Made in Roath Art Exhibition by The Penarth Group: animator turned artist Steve John, exotic wildlife painter Guy Wooles, and contemporary botanical illustrator Chris Taylor.

18/10/14. Coffee Concert: a programme of Mozart and Beethoven by “Opus8” Chamber Ensemble.

22/10/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Love and Hate in Opera”. Rowland Edwards explores these conflicting emotions as revealed in a selection of scenes from the operatic stage.

29/10/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Members’ Choice”.

5/11/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Musicians of the Great War”. Many brilliant musical talents were lost in this conflict, and countless others had their lives permanently blighted. Yet much fine music was produced and Gwyn Parry-Jones will explore some of it, and consider the composers who created it.

12/11/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “The Symphonies of Franz Schubert”. The “Unfinished” and the “Great C major” are well enough known but how much do we know about the others? Keith Griffin explores Schubert’s output in the genre.

15/11/14. Coffee Concert: Steven Biggs (Classical Guitar).

18/11/14. St Edward’s Orchestra Soloists Concert.

19/11/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “An Evening with David Kempster”. Chris Ball talks to former Wales representative in Cardiff Singer of the World and former ENO principal baritone David Kempster. David is singing the eponymous hero in WNO’s new production of Rossini’s “William Tell”.

23/11/14. Service of Readings and Music for Advent.

26/11/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. Four Fourths”. Symphonies, that is. Geraint Lewis takes a look at four examples from across the centuries (and one or two others may get an honourable mention too).

3/12/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “The Welsh Choral Tradition”. Terence Gilmore-James introduces us to some notable choral works by Welsh (or partly Welsh) composers who resided in or outside Wales during the twentieth century.

8/12/14. St Edward’s Orchestra Concert. Symphony No.103 (Haydn). Symphonic Dances and Norwegian Dances (Grieg). Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson).

10/12/14. Cardiff Recorded Music Society. “Noel”, the Society’s celebration of the festive season.

16-23/12/14. The "O" Antiphons (Evening Prayer). St Edward's Choir.

20/12/14. Coffee Concert: Grace Bermingham (Sop) & Sandie Middleton.

20/12/14. Pupils of Esther Walker.

21/12/14. Christmas Carol Service. St Edward's Choir & Orchestra.