Spring Concerts 2017

St Edward's Music & Artcs Centre Spring Concert series started in 2016. The concerts take place on the fourth Saturday in the month at 7.30pm and the charge for each concert is £3 (including coffee and biscuits), with a request for a further donation to this year's charity: The Oasis Music Project in Splott Road supporting asylum seekers and refugees (Valley & Vale Community Arts).


Oasis Cardiff is an organisation that aims to help Refugees and Asylum Seekers to integrate into their local community in Cardiff. They provide weekly cookery sessions, various women only sessions, craft sessions and language classes as well as a range of other activities. The kitchen is often the centre of activities! Oasis opened on 30 September 2008. In the first three weeks they had between 25-44 visitors. Now that has increased to 100-110 visitors per day. These have included people from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Mali and Congo, among many other countries. Some have just arrived in Cardiff, whilst others have been here for a few years.


The following programme of concerts has been arranged for 2017: