St Edward’s Church has been a thriving centre of worship for over 100 years, and throughout that time the building and facilities have been continuously developed, transformed and re-invented to take account of changing needs of the surrounding community. Since the establishment of St Edward's Music and Arts Centre in 2009, there has been a rapid increase in the use of both the church and the schoolroom buildings for meetings, rehearsals, exhibitions and concerts, as well as daily church services, and the time has come to make some bold decisions about future developments on the site.

We are planning to redevelop the porch, WC and schoolroom area of the church site to better accommodate the growing needs of the congregation and community. It is envisaged that this would include

Specific issues

Path and Entrance

The entrance path to the porch is breaking up and difficult to negotiate for people with mobility issues. The door from the porch into the nave is too small, and not well designed for wheelchair users, those with mobility issues and the visually impaired.

WC Facility

The entrance to the schoolroom from the porch is cramped. Also when the second schoolroom door is open it impedes access to the WC. Although the WC room is a large space, the toilet and sink are not accessible for all. Neither are there any handrails or baby-changing facilities. This is also the only downstairs WC facility, which is totally inadequate for the number of people currently using the building.


A small walk-in cupboard houses the schoolroom central heating boiler and serves as the washing up area. A table in the corner of the schoolroom provides the tea-making facility, and storage area for cups and equipment for the community organisations. The room itself is well used, but often rather crowded.

Architect: Amanda Needham of Volute Architects.
The first phase of the project is supported by a grant from National Churches Trust.