The project has been broken down into a series of tasks that must in general be completed in a specific order. It is anticipated that the schedule may be modified as the project progresses.


The congregations, and all the organisations that meet in the buildings, use the facilities in different ways, and will be able to identify different requirements for the development of the site. It is essential that everyone is invited to contribute at the planning stage.

Most grants for major projects require match funding, so an initial appeal to users of the buildings for donations and fund-raising events is essential.

After consultation with users of the buildings, and in conjunction with the architect, an Options Appraisal Document should be produced which, with suitable additions and variations, can be used to apply for permissions and grants.

A grant may be available from National Churches Trust towards the cost of the architect's plans.

A feasibility study will be produced by the architect.

The Options Appraisal Document, including the architect's plans, will be submitted to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for approval.


Appointment of professional team and surveyors.

Measured building survey and development of survey drawings.

Development and coordination feasibility scheme into concept design.

Development of project strategies (fire, access, services, interventions).

Undertake further surveys (asbestos, trial holes (if req), environment, condition).

Ecology survey.

Develop and complete final project brief.

Review procurement strategy.

Undertake stage 2 budget estimate review.

Develop stage 2 report.


Continue with investigations and R&D asbestos survey.

Coordinated design drawings to meet stage 3 and approval(s) submission.

Development of design statements.

Development and completion of project strategies.

Undertake stage 3 budget estimate review.

Develop information and application(s) for submission for faculty.

Issue application(s) for consent (DAC and LPA).

Compile stage 3 report and complete stage 3.

Approvals process (allow 3 months).

Architect: Amanda Needham of Volute Architects.
The first phase of the project is supported by a grant from National Churches Trust.