We are grateful to National Churches Trust who provided a grant of £1500 towards the cost of the architect's fees for the Feasibility Study, up to RIBA Stage 1. Also to members of the church and the wider community who have raised money and made donations towards the cost of the surveys reported here.


The surveys and reports summarised here are required for RIBA Stages 2 and 3, leading to the applications for consent to the DAC and the Local Planning Authority. Preliminary consent has already been obtained from the Diocesan Advisory Committee for:
“Redevelopment of the existing school room and entrance to create an accessible community space that meets the needs of our current visitors and makes provision for future growth. The redevelopment will include updating of the current provisions whilst also providing new facilities such as new accessible toilets, a new kitchen, a larger community room that provides for flexibility in use, and provision for external and internal storage. The scheme will also include alterations to the principal entrance ensuring that all of our visitors can access our building readily and easily. We will be looking to include off-street disabled parking and incorporation of gardening opportunities to promote engagement with our community visitors.”

Some investigations had already been undertaken before the start of the project, either in conjunction with previous work, or as a result of recommendations in the Quinquennial Inspection. Where appropriate these have been utilised in the present project. The whole project has been undertaken in consultation with church members and the wider community who contribute to the life of the church. In several instances, individuals with professional expertise have offered support and advice, and in some cases their contributions have also been included.


The following companies have been consulted and commissioned to provide surveys and reports for the project:<>


Drainage - Mann Williams Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers and Ispy Surveys (CCTV Drains Survey)
Topographic & Measured Buildings Survey - Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd
Building Inspection Survey (Protected Species) - Soltys Brewster Ecology
Structural Plans & Services - Mann Williams Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers & Holloway Partnership
Alternative Ventilation Scheme - Volute

These reports and surveys were commissioned by Amanda Needham of Volute Architects. The first phase of the project was supported by a grant from National Churches Trust.