ST EDWARD the Confessor

St Edward, King and Confessor, was born at Islip c.1004 A.D., the son of King Ethelred II, and Emma, the sister of Duke Richard II of Normandy. He succeeded to the throne in 1042, and married Edith, the daughter of Earl Godwin in 1045. He was a peace-loving man, and has been portrayed as a tame and ineffectual ruler, but he suppressed the ambitions of Godwin and overcame other difficulties with a determination that belies this claim.

The belief that he was a saint was supported by his religious devotion and generosity to the poor and infirm, and by several miracles that were attributed to him.

St Edward died at Westminster in 1066 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. He was canonised in 1161, and his remains were translated to their present position, in a shrine behind the High Altar, on 13th October, 1268.