St Edward's Opening for Private Prayer Only

We plan to open St Edward’s FOR PRIVATE PRAYER ONLY on Sundays, 3pm-4pm. To do this safely we have to adhere meticulously to a comprehensive list of rules, based on government guidance and Church in Wales guidance. The rules for St Edward’s have been agreed and signed off by the Archdeacon. As you can see, we have cleared all the chairs away, also all prayer books etc. We are working on the signage. We can accommodate only eight individuals (or household groups) at a time standing, socially distanced in the nave. Also two stewards inside and two stewards outside the church. If more people come, they will have to queue (socially distanced) outside the church, in which case, we would ask everyone to stay for only a few minutes, to allow others to take their place. No toilets available, no speaking or praying out loud, nobody leading a service, no singing. In fact, if you would like to do something, you probably can’t! – but for the first time since lockdown started, WE CAN ENTER THE BUILDING FOR PRAYER. We hope to accommodate anyone who wants to come – but it will be difficult if too many turn up. Please don’t come out of a sense of duty. Whether you come or not, please pray for everyone who is missing our worship, fellowship, music, ForgetMeNots, and all the other activities. This is a small, but important, step.